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Je m'en vais encore. demandez l'adresse.


Nothing interesting to say, except that it’s my last week of uni. Then, one week to revise and a week of exams.

I finish on 13, and got the unfortunate idea to start my fabulous internship (yeah, feel the irony in my writings) on 16th of June. Oh and it stops at 30Th of September. Yeah, stupid me. So if you have any fabulous ideas of how to commit suicide, i’m in. :p

I have found some interesting people to take picturs of. damned the word interesting is very … sticky.

God, sorry for this uninteresting (!) post. Sooner or later I will change everything. Jus give me time.


PS: Duffy’s album is cool. Like her voice much more than Winehouse’s. :)




En sirotant une cannette d’Orangina cet aprem dans la voiture je me suis souvenue de ce sentiment qui faisait ma fierte quand j’etais au Kazakhstan: je me sentais privilegiee. Maman venait tout juste de commencer a bosser pour une boite francaise. La-dite boite importait des produits typiquement francais: fromages, vins, chocolats, et Orangina. On avait droit aussi a toutes sortes de cahiers, stylos de couleur et autres fantaisies de bureau. Ces petites choses qui font que quand vous avez 8-9 ans vous vous sentez differents des autres et un peu “mieux”.
Mais je pense que ce qui a le plus boosté mon ego c’est la Barbie vétérinaire que j’ai eu pour Noel. Je l’ai encore (enfin elle a ete transmise a ma petite cousine, et cela va s’en dire que Elle, elle en a plus d’une dizaine de Barbies! enfin ca reste dans la famille :) ). Ce bout de plastique qui ressemble plus a une call-girl qu’a une fille normale (cf seins bonnet E, yeux bleux enormes et jambes de longueur interminable, sans oublier la taille de guepe et les cheveux insolemment blonds), mais a cet epoque c’etait mon reve qui devenait realite.
Au fait la premiere cannette d’Orangina rapportée a la maison a trone longtemps dans la salle de bain, en guise de pot pour brosse a dents. :p

 Blague a part: je n’aime pas du tout la nouvelle deco de la cannette Orangina “naturellement pulpeuse”. Le cactus en bikini : tres peu pour moi merci.

(oui désolé y’avait une video et on ne la voyait pas – au moins ca me permet de voir que tu suis, Rood :p)

Some vacation pics :


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Unfortunately, these vacations are over. 14 days are definitely too short. But I have no doubts that even my vacations were 2 months long I would still be desperately out of time.

Anyways, I have some marvelous pictures. Ok maybe only 10 out of 100 but I have to train and again no time for that for the moment. But just to say: I will make a “compte-rendu” of these sunny 14 days by making a visual. Oh yeah I got back my Photoshop CS 2. And BTW I just bought a new book: How to use your Canon EOS 400D. Hope you have good time. Even if this blog is not read by many of you …

the new Canon EOS 450D is out. Damned.

Pour celles et ceux qui sont francophones, bienvenue dans mon nouveau chez moi. Certains me connaissent deja, j’apprecie que vous vous demandiez ce que je deviens. :)


Sasha Pivovarova. Russian. [ http://www.ilove80.be/galeries/gal_sasha_pivo/pics1/ %5D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I literally fell in love with her. First I saw her, she just appeared to me as a living copy of Gemma Ward. But the more I see her pictures the more she becomes an authentic and uncomparable beauty to me. Oh and she’s a great painter.


My other russian crush is a camera: the famous Holga. Thank to my step-father I have discovered a totally retro-hype camera shop. They sell almost everything I can possibly dream of: cameras, books, accessories such as bags, fish-eyes, lenses, cleaning kits … decorated as an airport terminal, but very small in fact, the guy who’s there is a very friendly stylish guy (he was wearing a very nice grey scarf and had a fashionable haircut, which makes him very nice, in my opinion, especially the scarf …) with a german-like accent.

Anyways, I know what I will be saving my money for the next three months!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[ http://www.lomography.com/holga/history ]

Or for this one (there is a set of accessories going out soon and it’s cheaper. So the question is to be considered):

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[ http://www.toycamera.com/diana/ ]


It has become a routine. day after day.

I am finally on vacations. I got back my Photoshop CS 2 and felt very excited but not now as I understood that I have no idea of what I want. It’s usually like that: feeling desperately you need something special and once you get it you understand you were wrong.

Anyway I keep on reading books and blogs, dreaming about better days and getting desperate about this cursework we have to finish for the end of may. we are supposed to write a financial report about A company, no matter which one. But we couldn’t find any, because info we need is too confidential. Blurp.

Went to see There will be blood. And let me tell you that Daniel D Lewis is bloody sexy. yeah apart from his talent (which is uncontestable) he is awesome. The movie is great. Actors (especially the preacher) and the music. Troubling.

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Lately I’ve considered that on the blogosphere, indonesian and other asian people were one of the most talented photographers and designers. But I was wrong. I have found some awesome russian webblogs and I love them even more because they are in russian. How cool is that?

Thank you Aigerim ABD for these earings. Come to see me again in the ity of love.

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Anyway. It’s tea time.


Sorry no time for posting new items.
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(c) Holga @ Art Bazar.

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(c) @ Grand palais.
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(c) SuperMame’s tattoo. Miss you, man.


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